Who actually invented the computers, Not Charles babbage?

This was an article that I read in the well known tech site Tech arrive, an a portion of TIME. There is a cool debating content underneath which could make the development and creator of PCs more clearer. 

We all think about PCs just by taking care of it in everyday life except we wont seek, who has really developed it. There are such a variety of issues on PC innovation both of Billgates? Steve employments? Some adage savy? On the other hand Alan turing? Konrad Zuse who was made something many refer to as "Z1" credited as "first uninhibitedly programmable PC" however most likely all above said demonstrate wrong there were such a large number of inquiry on dialog". 

Whether offbeat researcher charles babbage thought about first programmable PC in 1830s, a hundred years before the thought was advanced in current structure by alan turing?" obviously charles babbage conceived in 1791 passed on in 1871 made an endeavor amid first 50% of nineteenth century in planning sort of mechanical adding machine named it to be distinction motor to process different arrangement of numbers yet there is disarray turing or zuse is the genuine father of cutting edge PC. babbages, shopping center based chain that inevitably converged with programming, and so on yet before his organization went bankrupt, was picked by bernes and honorable's leonard riggio collapsed in the long run into gamestop chain. babbages never fabricated contrast motor in the long run in light of expense invades and political differences however he had greater arrangements to build investigative motor. A beast machine involves size of a room with limit of its own cpu, memory and empower to programmable with punch cards yet he never had manufacture whatever he envisioned his passing. 

The issue here to finish up is: the place the distinction motor arrangement were finished, where logical motor were a work-in-advancement. When we enter science exhibition hall, London which plans to build babbage's investigative motor after century-and-a half and arrangement of work in porogress obstacle by inviting so as to put arrangements internet succeeding year passarby to say something. however, one of vital inquiry the venture's intended to answer whether babbage would have possessed the capacity to really fabricate it by any means. on the off chance that we think answer is "yes, he could be" it could challenge the predominant scholarly conviction that turing, not babbage, composed first broadly useful PC keeping in mind today question is totally scholastic, the machine's con struction, accepting it truly is feasible, ought to demonstrate entrancing to watch what might be next.

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Automobile engineering projects: Six-Stroke cycle internal combustion engine

Title: Computer controlled Six-Stroke cycle internal combustion engine its method of operation.
Department: Automobile engineering, Mechanical engineering.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, Final year engineering projects for Mech and Automobile engineering students.

The below project is an important concept for the automobile engineering students. Due to the advancement in the field of auto technology, understanding and working on these kinds of topics have become highly important for us. This invention and paper was by Satnarine Singh. Normally many automobile engineers and project enthusiast will have an interest towards developing an engine or a motor by themselves. But mostly these ideas wont turn into effective engineering projects because, it is not innovative and impressive for your exams and marks. So from the engineering examination perspective, innovation and extra effort is needed. So this SIX-STROKE engine will definitely help you! Non-technically this be project is basically to design an internal combustion engine that operates on a six-stroke cycle and which may include one or more piston and cylinder assemblies.

Sample from this automobile engineering projects: 
The present invention is directed towards a computer controlled internal combustion (IC) engine, and its method of operation, designed to operate on a six-stroke cycle and specifically includes the injection of water into the combustion chamber or cylinder of each of a plurality of piston and cylinder assemblies, during a predetermined portion of the six-stroke cycle. More specifically, the quantity and timing of the water injection is controlled and regulated to the extent that the injected water is prevented from turning into steam even after reaching sufficiently high temperatures because of the continuously increasing pressure within the cylinder, due to the compression of gases therein, to the extent that the water is maintained in a liquid state until the beginning of an intended "auxiliary" power stroke. More specifically, the IC engine of the present invention comprises at least one, but preferably a plurality of piston and cylinder assemblies. Each such piston and cylinder assembly includes a cylinder which serves as a combustion chamber having a piston reciprocally mounted therein, and further including intake and exhaust valves associated therewith so as to regulate the flow of fluid into an out of the cylinder. A source of ignition is also connected to each chamber and may be in the form of a spark plug, glow plug or any other applicable and/or conventional means of igniting a combustible fluid, such as a gaseous mixture of fuel and air.

Download this six-stroke engine automobile 

engineering project details here : http://goo.gl/tkfrE

Cognizant (CTS) Off campus recruitment 30 Nov 11 (Freshers)

Young engineering students who are willing to get placed in IT sector can opt for this opening. CTS is one of the leading company in the field. The training and exposure is better than many other similar companies! This is an Off-Campus recruitment process. Students who fall under the freshers category can apply for the following.

Students who are eligible are requested to follow the link given below and apply for the job.

Eligibility: BE/B.Tech  

Location: Anywhere in India
Job Category: IT/Software
Last Date: 30 November 11

Job Type: Full Time
Hiring Process: Written-test.

Eligibility criteria for IT (According to the official sources): 
1. Open only to the students with following degrees
Category 1: BE / B Tech / ME / M Tech / MCA / M Sc (Computer Science / IT / Software Engg)
Category 2: B Sc / BCA / M Sc (except Computer Science / IT / Software Engg)
2. Year of graduation:  2011 batch only
3. Consistent First Class (over 60%) in X, XII, UG and PG (if applicable)
4. No outstanding arrears
5. Candidates with degrees through correspondence/ part-time courses are not eligible to apply
6. Good interpersonal, analytical and communication skills

Apply for this job: Click here and follow the instruction to apply! (Last date to apply Nov 30)
More Fresher jobs available here:

Artificial Intelligence : paper presentation and project

Title: Human Artificial Intelligence Machine
Department: Computer science, Robotics, Artificial intelligence.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, Seminars, Artificial intelligence research and more.

This paper that is under topic of artificial intelligence is invented by the Mitchell Kwok. This paper presentation topic can also be used for the research and project purposes. This is one of the finest paper presentation for the students who are interested in the topic of robotic and artificial intelligence because of the method of dealing to the main topics. The paper basically defines the method of creating human artificial intelligence in machines and computer software is presented. This method will also help in using the human reasoning, though and behavior. The present invention serves as a universal artificial intelligence program  that can store, retrieve, predict the future and modify any data in a way similar to the human beings. 

Sample of the Artificial intelligence paper presentation : The present invention, also known as the human artificial intelligence program acts like a human brain because it stores, retrieve, and modify information similar to human beings. The function of the HAI program is to predict the future using data from memory. For example, human beings can answer questions because they can predict the future. They can anticipate what will eventually happen during an event based on events they learned in the past. The human artificial intelligence program comprises: an artificial intelligent computer program repeats itself in a single for-loop to receive information, calculate an optimal pathway from memory, and taking action; a 3-D storage area to store all data received by said artificial intelligent program; and a long-term memory used by said artificial intelligent program The main for-loop in said artificial intelligent program comprises the steps of: entering said for-loop; receiving input from the environment in a frame by frame format or movie sequence called the current pathway; using the image processor and other functions to generate an initial encapsulated tree for said current pathway, searching for said current pathway in memory and finding the closest matches; calculating the future pathway of the matches found in memory and determining the optimal pathway to follow; generating an optimal encapsulated tree for said current pathway; storing said current pathway in the optimal pathway and self-organizing said current pathway with the data in a computer storage area called memory; following the future pathway of the optimal pathway, exiting said for-loop; and repeating said for-loop from the beginning.

Download this Artificial intelligence 
paper presentation here: http://goo.gl/GkKgI

RC plane construction: BE projects for aeronautical engineering students

Title: Toy airplane assembly having a microprocessor for assisting flight.
Department: Aeronautical, Airplane designing, Model flight, RC flight.
Can be used for: Engineering projects, BE projects for Aeronautical engineering students.

The Aeronautical engineering project is to construct a Toy air plane. The original inverter of this projects is Jeffrey G. Rehkemper et al. The Aeronautical project is a dream work for every engineering student of this stream! Building a toy plane by themselves and making it work with a handheld device is so cool and encouraging. 
This projects is posted here on a request from one of the Indian engineering student. So when we got this research paper, we were every interested to share it to the benefits of many other students. TO explain the basics of this BE engineering project, It is a toy airplane assembly that could fly. The main advantage of this project is the low cost and the durability. The plane assembly will also include the plane having the radio receiver and a microprocessor. The batteries are also available for the powering the PCB available. The printed circuit board will have the microprocessor and the radio receiver attached. So as usual, the plane can be operated from the handheld remote controller by the wireless communication. As the plane receives the signal by the radio receiver, the actions are taken accordingly.

Sample of this RC plane construction project: Existing propeller-driven toy airplanes utilizing radio control usually have single or twin propellers provided on the airframe. The propellers are driven by a motor, an engine or the like, so that the toy plane can be made to fly freely in the air. Existing toy airplanes generally have propellers employed only for driving the airplane. Those airplanes require an elevator or a rudder to direct the airplane upward or downward, or right or left. For such toy airplanes, a control servo and a mechanical mechanism for controlling the elevator and the rudder are necessary, and thereby the airplane is difficult to control and the weight increased. In addition, a driving source for the propellers is required to have a large output, resulting in an increase in the cost of the toy as a whole. Moreover, in respect to such control of the elevator and the rudder, responsiveness to changes in direction and elevation for the radio controlled toy is quite good. The sensitivity of the elevator and rudder to control signals from the radio controller causes the airplane to be extremely difficult to fly. Moreover, such controls require time and practice to master, thereby creating a frustrating experience and increasing the likelihood of a crash for a beginner. Due to the large number of parts in existing toy airplanes, the material used to construct the parts of existing toy airplanes, and the shape of the fuselage of existing toy airplanes, such crashes could cause substantial damage to the plane, thereby creating a frustrating flying experience for a beginner.

Download this RC flight construction project
 for engineering students here: http://goo.gl/789oh
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