Wireless power transmission presentation, witricity

Abstract of this paper-presentations : (Wireless power transmission presentation, witricity)
    The idea of wireless generation and transmission of power is in experiment from a long time. Here, in this paper we are trying to develop a proper device that can generate voltages and then transmit them wirelessly through a local network (after that our next stage will be to expand it to global
scale) in the RF range for household electricity requirement. Ongoing engineering revolutions going in field of transmission and distribution will help us to make this dream to come in reality. The person who first paved the way of dreaming wireless power is NIKOLO TESLA. In 1888 he developed the principles of his Tesla coil and began working with his ideas for polyphase systems, which would allow
transmission of AC electricity over large distances. The connection would be made by electrostatic induction or conduction through plasma. Tesla firmly believed that Wardenclyffe would permit wireless transmission and reception across large distances with negligible losses. But after lighting vacuum tubes wirelessly, he provided us with enough evidence of the potential and feasibility of wireless power transmission network.

Tesla Coil, Wireless energy transfer, Tesla Coil Controller,
Power Consumption, Wardenclyfee Tower.
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