GPRS Driving WAP on the road to 3G

Mobile telephony allowed us to talk on the move. The Internet turned raw data into helpful services that people found easy to use. Now, these two technologies are converging to create third generation mobile services. In simple terms, third generation (3G) services combine high-speed mobile access with Internet Protocol (IP)-based services. But this doesn’t just mean fast mobile connection to the world wide web. Rather, it means whole new ways to communicate, access information, conduct business, learn, and be entertained -- liberated from slow, cumbersome equipment and immovable points of access. Mobile computing is being heralded as the new “killer app” for the Internet.
While 3G hasn’t arrived yet 2.5G is here! The technologies at the forefront of 2.5G push are GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution.), WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

On the road to 3G, we shall have an insight into the blossoming of 3G from 2G, the technologies involved, & their areas of application.. GRPS and WAP are definite stepping-stones on 3G wireless networks. Separately their improvements are useful upgrades and together they are a significant departure from 2G systems. A gradual transition and user acceptance for 3G could be a reality.

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